Workplace Education

Workplace Education

Workplace Education

Skills for Work is a national workplace education programme aimed at providing training opportunities to help employees deal with the basic skills demands of the workplace. The initiative is funded by the Irish Government under the Department of Education and Skills, and delivered by the newly formed Education & Training Boards (ETB) across the country. The project is managed nationally by Dublin & Dún Laoghaire ETB.

 A Skills for Work course: 

  • May include a variety of subjects which support the educational needs of the employee.
  • Is offered on company premises where possible, the local ETB Adult Education Centre, or an alternative convenient location.
  • Is designed and delivered in a flexible and adaptable way to meet the needs of the employer and employee.
  • Programmes are of 35 hours duration
  • Sessions are usually 2 – 3 hours long and can be arranged for mornings, afternoons or evenings
  • Participants may be released from work to participate in SFW programmes.
  • Most offer free nationally recognised certification.
  • There are no tuition fees.

What are the aims of a Skills for Work programme?

  • Promote an ethos of lifelong learning in the workplace
  • Contribute towards the creation of a well educated and highly skilled workforce
  • Raise the competency level of employees with low levels of educational qualifications
  • Develop initiatives to enhance employees communication and basic IT  skills
  • Enable employees to cope with frequent and ongoing changes in work practices

Who can access the Skills for Work programme? 

  • In the private sector
  • Willing to promote the SFW Programme
  • With employees who need to improve their core skills
  • With a need to upskill their existing workforce
  • Creating a learning environment for their employees
  • Over 18 years of age and not in full-time second level education
  • In part-time or full time employment
  • With work skill needs
  • With few, out-dated or no educational qualifications
  • Willing to take part on a voluntary basis
  • With a desire to improve
  • With their employer’s support


The Skills for Work Co-ordinator for Kerry ETB is Ger Ferris, his contact details can be found here.

Skills for Work Tutor Resources

Skills for Work Tutor Resources:

These have been developed nationally and are available for all ABE tutors to use

Food & Nutrition

1. Introduction and Manual Notes 

2. Section 1 Food groups with balanced diet

3. Section 2 How the body uses food

4. Section 3 Food production

5. Section  4 Safety systems for food in the workplace

6. Section 5 Meal planning

7. Sample Session Plans

8. Breakfast

9. Stocks, Soups and Sauces

10. Pastas

11. Salads, Dressings and Sandwiches

12. Convenience Foods

13. Food Cost and Quality Control

14. Cross-outcome Worksheets

15.Sample Sessions Plans


Bibliography 1

Bibliography 2

Bibliography 3





 Information Technology: 

Getting to Grips with Technology 13.5.13


Health & Safety: 

1. Introduction to Manual and Tutors Notes

2. Session 1 Introduction to Health and Safety

3. Issues and Hazards

4. Fire Safety and Accident Reports

5. Ergonomics Made Simple

6. Workplace Safety Issues

7. Sample Session Plans

8. Bibliography