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As of April 2018

If you teach a QQI module you will find these resources useful in planning your lessons. Most of the workbooks relate specifically to QQI Level 1, 2 and 3 awards. If you teach Literacy, Numeracy, Digital Literacy, Life Skills, Employment Skills — these resources also provide ideas, worksheets and activities.

Please ask your ALO how you can access these
resources in your centre.

In Resource Rooms at all centres – Hardcopy
Reading – Level 2
Food Choice and Health – Level 2
Quantitative Problem Solving – Level 2
Using Technology – Level 2
Career Preparation – Level 3

Available via Link at all centres

Reading Questions

Level 1
Communications Worksheets
Life Sciences
Food Choice and Health

Level 2
Shape and Space
Pattern and Relationship
Listening and Speaking
World of Work
Writing – waiting for final
Personal Care
Data Handling
Setting Learning Goals
Non-Verbal Communication

Level 3
Maths – Questions and Answers
Life Sciences – Habitats – Slides, Photos, Worksheets and Cards
Office Procedures
Personal Effectiveness
Computer Literacy
Internet Skills
Word Processing

Level 4

Miscellaneous – Notes
Dolch List – Pre Primary, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade
Dolch List – Sight Words
Thinking Puzzles – Volume 1 – Q and A
Volume 2 – Q and A
Volume 3 – Q and A

Think: While it is still legal

Spelling: Can you spot the mistakes
ESOL – Beginners