Listening and Speaking

Listening & Speaking

Listening & Speaking

The ability to speak and listen effectively is one of the most fundamental of the literacy skills. With adults, it is often the least considered or identified when discussing ‘literacy’ issues, despite the fact that difficulties with speaking and listening have a profound effect on the way adults function in everyday life and in society as a whole. Listening and speaking skills are taught explicitly in a number of our courses, particularly Communications, but also have a place in one to one tuition and any literacy classroom.

Some good sites to visit:

Veronica Walsh CBT blog on listening skills

Excellence Gateway – a collection of resources aimed at tutors in the UK working in the prison service. Most are broadly applicable and of high quality.

Skillsworkshop – this is a massive site, with a huge collection of resources. This link brings you to their Listening and Speaking section.

Skills You Need – Non Verbal Communication – learn how to talk about body language, and what it says about us

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