As the year draws to a close it is, for me, a time of reflection. In the past few months I have reflected a lot on the reasons why I chose to work in Adult Literacy and Basic Education. It has been such a helpful process while there is a sea of change around and has helped me affirm the reasons why I came to this work and why it is important to me.

A diagram that I came across was one that I found particularly interesting. I honestly don’t know where I found this so I can’t give anyone credit for it (so if anyone comes across this on line please let me know and I will give full credit to the creator!). It isn’t my own but has helped me greatly in my reflective process.


What do I enjoy doing? What am I good at? What contribution does this make to the world around me? What fires me to work harder and longer?

For me it is important to work in an area that supports equality and challenges social injustice. Working in an environment where I can be part of a Team that can create opportunities for people to make changes to their lives, their families and their communities so that we can all benefit is critical. Seeing the change evidenced in very real ways is heartening. Knowing that we have to be accountable and that we can be proud of what we do together is also key. To be able to work in an area using my skills, experience and education and to have people with whom I can share knowledge and learn from are all important to me.


Do you know what is important to you? Are you clear on the reasons why you came to the work in Adult Literacy and Basic Education? Have you had time to think about this in recent times? Where can you place yourself on this diagram?

Taking time to reflect on what and how we do our work, why we do it, what motivates us and keeps us going is really important for us all. Take some time to reflect on your own practice. What worked well for you this term? What are you really proud of? What could have worked better and how can you avoid it in the future?

Importantly, after this time of reflection, take a break! Know that what you do is important, that it makes a real difference and helps make our communities in Kerry better places to live.

May I wish you all great joy and peace and Christmas and in 2016.

Maybe now is the time to think about that … to see how many of your original motivations are still being met?