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QQI – Educoot Resources

QQI — Educoot Resources –
As of April 2018
If you teach a QQI module you will find these resources useful in planning your lessons. Most of the workbooks relate specifically to QQI Level 1, 2 and 3 awards. If you teach Literacy, Numeracy, Digital Literacy, Life Skills, Employment Skills — these resources also provide ideas, worksheets and activities.
Please ask your ALO how you can access these
resources in your centre.
In Resource Rooms at all centres – Hardcopy
Reading – Level 2
Food Choice and Health – Level 2
Quantitative Problem Solving – Level 2
Using Technology – Level 2
Career Preparation – Level 3
Available via Link at all centres
Reading Questions
Level 1
Communications Worksheets
Life Sciences
Food Choice and Health
Level 2
Shape and Space
Pattern and Relationship
Listening and Speaking
World of Work
Writing – waiting for final
Personal Care
Data Handling
Setting Learning Goals
Non-Verbal Communication
Level 3
Maths – Questions and Answers
Life Sciences – Habitats – Slides, Photos, Worksheets and Cards
Office Procedures
Personal Effectiveness
Computer Literacy
Internet Skills
Word Processing
Level 4
Miscellaneous – Notes
Dolch List – Pre Primary, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade
Dolch List – Sight Words
Thinking Puzzles – Volume 1 – Q and A
Volume 2 – Q and A
Volume 3 – Q and A
Think: While it is still legal
Spelling: Can you spot the mistakes
ESOL – Beginners

NALA Brushing Up and Educoot

Tutor Resources
NALA Brushing Up: a maths workbook
Using numbers and shapes in everyday life at
Level 1 and 2
This workbook is in all ABE centres.
Educational Resources
The following workbooks are now available in all
ABE centres.
Career Preparation
Communications – Level 3
Healthy Food: Food Choice & Health – Level 2
Healthy Food: Food Choice & Health – Level 2
Ebook & Workbook
Quantitative Problem Solving — Level 2
Reading — Level 2
Reading — Level 2 – Student Worksheets
Using Technology
Using Technology — Level 2

Active Employability Skills

The Active Employability Skills programme was constructed by Killarney ABE Centre staff with input from LES. In its current form the course is a partnership between Department of Social Welfare, Local Employment Service, Kerry Adult Guidance Service and Kerry County Library.
The programme aims to provide participants with the necessary skills to ensure they can access relevant and accurate information to improve their employment opportunities. The course is relevant and practical. It helps the learners to improve their reading, writing, numeracy, computer skills, as well as listening awareness and speaking confidently. The tuition is intensive over 10 sessions, with the opportunity to achieve QQI minor awards.
You can download the resources for the programme from the links below.
(5MB) Active Employability Skills including resources

QQI 3N0588 Word Processing Resource

Word Processing Resource
QQI 3N0588
These tried and tested assignment briefs are designed to assess learner completion of the full range of learning outcomes for the module Word Processing at QQI L3. They are intended for use with confident learners and can be adapted by tutors to their own groups’ needs.
Download here Word Processing 3N0588 QQI L3 Assessment Resource

QQI Level 2 inservice training

Aoife Comiskey Clifford, Kerry ETB’s expert on all matters QQI, recently delivered an in-service training session to ABE tutors. It focussed on Level 2, exploring the purpose of awards at this level and how they can be delivered creatively. If you would like to see the slides from this presentation, click on the link below.
QQI Level 2 In-Service