Below you are given three algebraic expressions (A, B, and C) and six real life scenarios. Match
the three expressions with the scenario they describe. For the remaining three scenarios,
write out an algebraic expression which represents the story told.

Scenario Expression
Dennehy Fuels sells coal at €9.50 per 25 kg bag along with a €10
delivery fee. If Jack Johnson orders p bags of coal, write an expression
for the cost of this order (including delivery costs).
Baby Charlie weighed p pounds at birth. When he was 6 months old
his weight was 3 pounds less than twice his birth weight. Write an
expression for Charlie’s weight at age 6 months.
Donald, an American tourist, recently visited Ireland and hired a car
at Shannon Airport. The pay plan he opted for was a fixed price of 60
euro along with a mileage fee of 30 cent per kilometre travelled. If
Donald travelled p kilometres while in Ireland, write an expression for
the cost of the car hire.
In a game of Hurling, a goal is worth three points and a point is worth
one point. In the first Munster SHC Championship game this season
Cork scored p goals and 2 points in the first five minutes. Write an
expression for their total score in this period.
Tayto Park in Co Meath hosted a Summer Extravaganza last weekend.
The number of children (under the age of 10) who attended was 2 less
than treble the number of adults. If p adults attended, write an