Looking for a new, fun and innovative way to engage with your learner? Then look no further than Kahoot! In this section, Jane Savage from the Killarney centre explains how this innovative App allows individual and group learners to play tailor-made Quizzes and take part in Surveys or Quick Polls all in a fun and safe environment…
A Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics that can be designed as quizzes, surveys and even quick polls. There are a number of Kahoots already created but, as a tutor, we can create our own sets of questions designed to meet the individual needs of our learners or groups.
I have, for example, created various quizzes on Kahoots where the learners choose the correct spellings of frequently misspelt words or the answers to simple sums from a selection of suggested answers. All you need to do is create your question, or as many questions as you like, providing four answers for the learner to choose from, only one of which will be correct.
The learner or learners simply go online to play using their own smartphones, centre iPads or tablets. The questions are displayed on the IWB or a PC (the latter is difficult for the whole class to see) and the learners respond by tapping the colour on their device that corresponds to their chosen answer on the screen.
To add an element of healthy competition and fun, learners can play individually or in teams and you can decide if points will be awarded and displayed for correct answers as well as for the time taken to answer them. Music can accompany the game should you wish but this feature can easily be turned off if you find it too distracting.
In addition to quizzes, I have created a Kahoot! conducting a survey of Learners’ choices of opinions about current events which has been used to great effect in the classroom.

If you want to re-enforce learning and add a fun element to your class get out your gadgets now and go to getkahoot.com.
Jane Savage, January 2017